Personal Development Plan Unleashed!! Why?

What is a personal development plan? And why should you care to develop and grow yourself? Well, consider the following simple quotes:

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” ~ Lao Tzu

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” ~ Jim Rohn

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Personal development is that process of constant growth that creates better health, better relationships, fulfilling career, financial abundance, greater love, peace and spiritual growth, better human beings and a better society.

The main purpose of this website is to provide knowledge, tools, tips and techniques for personal growth and development, so that you can be happy and successful in the real world. It is abnormal to struggle and suffer; normal to be in a state of flow and succeed effortlessly. It is abnormal to live someone else’s dream; normal to discover and live your own path. Here are some of the major objectives for articles that are posted on this website:

  • To help you seek clarity on what you really want to do and create in your life.
  • To help you create your “own” success definition that is in-line with your life’s purpose.
  • To share success principles of the truly great men and women who walked this planet.
  • To share the “correct” goal setting techniques and strategies.
  • To share the best-of-breed resources that help you create an income living your passions, sharing your natural gifts and talents with the world and creating a life of meaning and purpose.
  • To explain what sub-conscious limiting beliefs are, how they are developed and how to move past your limiting beliefs to create the life that you truly desire.
  • To demonstrate the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, actions and life results.
  • To share the latest discoveries and findings pertaining to human health, mind and motivation in the world of science, psychology and spirituality.
  • To help raise your conscious awareness, creativity and intelligence.
  • To help you move past your fears and take action.
  • To develop greater self esteem and confidence.
  • To develop newer and better habits and skills.
  • To overcome guilt, resentment and other negative emotions that hold you back.
  • To motivate and inspire you for better results.
  • To provide tips on productivity, time management, leadership etc.
  • And many more topics that help improve your health, career, relationships, finances, social contributions and spirituality. However, let me warn you that if you are looking for some quick fixes then this site may not be for you because personal development is a more long term process that needs some personal commitment and a “burning desire” for change.

Having said that, let us begin this personal transformation journey. Happy reading and exploring!!

Who can benefit the most out of this site?

Firstly, anyone who is seriously interested in his/her personal development or personal growth will benefit immensely from the content posted on this site. However, it is my strong understanding that if you are a person who happens to fall into one or more of the below mentioned categories, then you would benefit the most out of this site:

    • Visionary Entrepreneurs seeking greater success in their businesses.
  • Corporate Executives looking for a greater balance, clarity, peak performance and success.
  • Small business owners looking for their niche market and strengths to focus their energies on.
  • People seeking a greater meaning and purpose to their lives.
  • People in their career shifts or transitions.
  • Budding Entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own businesses.
  • People feeling stuck in their current life situations and not knowing how to move to their next levels of success.
  • People looking for personal development plan, tools, tips and techniques to better their lives in general.

How to get the best out of this site?

    • The content on this site – Personal Development Unleashed, has been arranged in a very logical manner for best results. It is an online personal development plan or program that is being offered for FREE.
  • The menu at the top has been divided into modules for a step-by-step progress. The successive modules have been marked as M1 (for Module 1), M2 (for Module 2) etc. If one is really serious about his/her personal growth then one must try to start reading with module marked as M1, then to M2 and so on and so forth.
  • After you have gone through a particular concept, tip or technique, please take some time to reflect on what you have learned. This will help deepen your understanding of the concept being discussed.
  • Wherever applicable, try to do the exercises and techniques being shared.
  • Wherever possible, I have tried to include scientific proofs/observations for any spiritual concepts/ideas being presented.
  • And finally, please feel free to contact me by phone/email/contact-us-form for any guidance you may need to unleash your true potential. I will be more than happy to connect with you and help. Thank You!!

Table of Contents

Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan with detailed steps, explanations, tools, tips and techniques to succeed effortlessly in a crazy world. This plan can easily take you from a -10 to a +10 and make you unstoppable…

Personal Development Plan Example

A simple personal development plan example with 11 steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Download a free excel template to plan your personal development in any area of your life.

Free Personal Development Books For Download

One of the finest collection of free personal development books and audios on the internet, available for download. No need to enter your email address as well.

M1 – What Do You Really Want?

Before you can truly succeed in life, you need clarity of purpose. You need to be clear as to what do you really want out of your life…what is it that you want to do and create. This is the first step to success that all great leaders and businessmen of the past and the present have always adopted.

M1.1 – Success Definition

Ever wondered as to what is the correct success definition for a better life success? Let us try to understand and define success here in this article…

M1.2 – Mind vs Heart

Are you trying to succeed using your mind or your heart or both? Find out here in “mind vs heart” as to what exactly is the correct way to succeed authentically in life.

M1.3 – Define Success Emotionally

Brief listing of questions to help you define success for yourself that is in-line with your emotions. This is the surest way to come up with a success definition you feel automatically attracted to.

M1.4 – Define Success Analytically

Brief listing of questions to help you define success for yourself that has been analytically validated by the brain (after having checked with your emotions in the previous article).

M1.5 – Creating a Vision for Life

Brief listing of right questions that will help you in creating a vision for life that you feel automatically attracted to achieve and succeed in the world.

Personal Development Tools

Learn the best free personal development tools and techniques for personal growth and life success. These tools have been tried and tested by others and me over the years to be highly effective in personal development and growth.

What is Meditation

What is meditation? where did it come from? what are its benefits? How does it help us in real life? What are some common easy meditation techniques? Can technology be used to meditate? Learn all this and more here…

Meditation Benefits

A brief listing of common meditation benefits that have been scientifically validated in the recent years to be true. These benefits make a compelling case for us to meditate on a daily basis.

Easy Meditation Techniques

Learn some easy meditation techniques to develop a clearer mind and a sharper mental concentration for better life success. You may use these techniques as the starting point to your meditation practice.

Meditation Technology

Discover a simple meditation technology called Holosync meditation solution. This technology creates deep meditative states of mind in an effortless manner…almost at the push of a button.

Personal Development Tips

Learn some really cool and free personal development tips and insights that are a direct result of listening to great teachers and thinkers, reading books, reflecting deeply and implementing the same into my own life.

Misconceptions About Failure

Learn some common misconceptions about failure. Speaking from experience, there are no failures in life but only feedback…yet so many of us keep going through our lives feeling like failures and becoming bigger failures in the process.

10 Steps to Get What You Want

10 Simple steps to get what you want with absolute certainty. A very straight forward approach to achieving great results in life and keep getting better and better every day.

4 Myths About Time Management

Time Management is a very frequently used term in our daily lives…learn the 4 myths about time management that not many think and reflect on and keep getting into a vicious circle all the time.

12 Signs of Inspired Leadership – Part 1

Here is part one of 12 signs of inspired leadership. Learn the common signs of great leadership, be it business, politics or anything else…

12 Signs of Inspired Leadership – Part 2

Here is part two of 12 signs of inspired leadership. Learn the common signs of great leadership, be it business, politics or anything else…

5 Min Tip to Stop Worrying

Learn a quick 5 min tip to stop worrying and start living…use this tip anywhere, anytime…be it home, office or anywhere else.

How Fear Holds Us Back

A scientific explanation on how fear holds us back from creating what we want to create in our lives and how it creates more of what we are actually fearful of.

Recommended Personal Development Programs

Unleashing some of the best personal development programs on the internet today. These programs have been tried and tested for over 27 years to be working and effective in tapping the hidden potential of your mind.