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Kamaljeet Saini
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My name is Kamaljeet (KJ) Saini. I have been in personal growth and development for many years now. I love to meditate and read books on mind, motivation, and philosophy. Over the years, I have been able to literally transform the way I think and respond to various life events. This personal growth journey has taken me through some of the best personal development books, teachings, tools, techniques, online programs and seminars from some of the most remarkable teachers on this planet. I have always been a keen learner and student of life. It is these learning and experiences that I intend to share with all of you on this website.

Now, contrary to what most of us believe, people who have left their mark on the world and been hugely successful, always had certain things in common: They all followed their hearts, they all believed in themselves when no one else did, they were all dreamers/visionaries and left the world a little better than the way they had found it, they all looked at failures as challenges and potential opportunities, they all took charge of their minds, thoughts and actions and they all had loads of fun doing their job. These are some of the little secrets of success that I intend to share with you all on this site. I will be sharing detailed concepts, steps, tools, tips and techniques that will change the way you look at yourself and other successful people today. If you can follow along, these ideas/steps will help you improve your health, relationships, finances or anything else you may seek. These ideas have literally transformed me and I am confident that these will transform you too, provided you are open minded to receiving newer ideas, willing to learn, willing to think and reflect on your life and willing to change and grow yourself along the way.

Finally, as I was going through this personal development journey, growing/developing myself, polishing my abilities, reading all this material on mind, success, motivation and inspiration, something magical happened to me along the way. I realized that my true calling in life was to help others become more successful, happier and better human beings. This is my purpose on this planet and I am committed to this cause. I intend to help people unleash their true potential by connecting them with their passions and purpose and provide them with teachings, tools and techniques to fully utilize the power of their minds. Today, I strongly believe that we are all meant to live truly happy, abundant and fulfilled lives, provided we are ready to learn our lessons, take ownership for our thoughts and actions and be open and willing to change.

Today, I use the following personal mission statement to guide my thoughts and actions in life –

“To use my Creativity, Positive Energy and Personal Warmth towards others, to Motivate and Inspire Individuals in leading Healthier, Richer and Fulfilling Lives!!”

I sincerely hope you will appreciate my efforts on this site and will enjoy your stay here…Happy reading!!

Love and Regards,

Kamaljeet (KJ) Saini