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These days meditation can even be performed using technology. One such technology that really stands out is a sound technology developed by “Centerpointe Research Institute” called Holosync. I have personally used this meditation technology with aid of Holosync technology CDs for more than a year and the results were pretty phenomenal. This apart, talking of meditation in modern times, it would be unfair on my part not to mention about Holosync. It is a sound technology that creates an effortless meditation, even for a first timer. Having said that, instead of writing about “what is Holosync” or “how it works” and stuff like that (which can anyways be found on the official website of Holosync), I decided to write a personal, genuine review of this meditation sound technology as given below…

Holosync Meditation

I was first referred to Holosync Meditation by a friend of mine, who sent me a link to the website of Centerpointe Research Institute where I was able to order a FREE DEMO CD from them containing Holosync Demo tracks. Quite frankly, in my first listening of the Demo CD itself, I was blown away by the deep meditative state I was able to achieve without any effort on my part to meditate. This was truly like meditating (almost) at the push of a button (just as what the Holosync Advertisements claim it is…they claim that you can meditate like a Zen master at the push of a button using Holosync…I can safely say that I really agree with their Advertisements). Also, I received a lot of reading material from Bill Harris (the founder of Centerpointe Research Institute and a featured teacher on the hit movie “The Secret”).

Being a very scientific and thorough person that I am, I read the entire study material very carefully. The Holosync reading material contained the history of how Holosync Meditation technology was first discovered, the earlier mind experiments conducted using this technology, how Bill Harris was able to radically change his own life using this technology, the scientific studies conducted on the use of Holosync technology etc. On top of that I was really amazed by the tall claims made by Bill Harris on how using Holosync would surely change my life for the better. Somehow I was able to feel a sense of honesty in Bill Harris’s tall claims (although many people are pretty skeptic of such tall claims). I trusted my intuition and purchased my first set of Holosync CDs called the Awakening Prologue.

Awakening Prologue is their basic level that takes about six months to complete for most people. But during these six months itself one is able to experience some huge shifts in consciousness. For me it took about 9 months to complete this basic level and I had some huge shifts in these 9 months with the way I perceived my environment, my relationships and my health. My daily stresses had almost melted away during this time period.

Thereafter I advanced to their Level 1 of the program. Since during the basic Awakening Prologue level one has achieved a good understanding on what one wants to create and/or have in one’s life, the next Level is a more custom solution. During this level they ask you to record your own custom affirmations, in your own voice and these are then recorded onto the CDs that you use in Level 1. Doing this enables you to have more profound change in whatever area that you are working on. There are total 12 levels to meditation using Holosync but they are all optional and you can decide upto which level you want to go. For example, after I completed their Level 1, I have stopped using Holosync and switched to the traditional way of meditation now. The reason for me to do that was that after doing Level 1, I felt that Holosync meditation was not allowing me to go deeper beyond a certain point without progressing to their next level. This to me was a little inhibiting. Also, after having completed Level 1 of Holosync, my consciousness had already expanded beyond my expectations and I felt I was now ready for a more conventional form of meditation. Holosync had done its job and it was time for some traditional form of meditation now.

The results I achieved with Holosync have been everything that Bill Harris had claimed they would be. Although, today I (after 1.5 years of Holosync usage) have moved back to the traditional form of meditation, for someone who is just starting out on the meditation path for stress management and health benefits, I would highly recommend using this technique. You can request a FREE DEMO CD from them before deciding if Holosync is the right meditation technique for you.

Apart from the Holosync product itself, I was deeply touched by Bill Harris’s honesty, a genuine desire to help people and high business ethics. Also, he provides you so much reading material along with his meditation program that it really helps you to understand your mind much better than anything else you may have ever learned. You start developing a deep understanding on why and how you have been getting certain results in your life and how you can really change all that.

Another aspect of the Holosync Meditation program that deserves an A+++ is their customer support. Their support staff is highly knowledgeable about the product and always willing to help and support you with the use of their sound technology. In-fact Bill Harris has created a team of support coaches to help people with any questions they may have about the use of their product or meditation in general. This is simply the best in class support that I have ever experienced as a customer of any product or service. All of these claims can very easily be verified by any of their other customers as well.

I sincerely hope that this short review of Holosync Meditation really helps you find your perfect meditation solution. You can request a FREE DEMO CD from them by clicking here on this link.

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