Personal Development Plan Example

by Kamaljeet Saini

Here is a simplified personal development plan example for your quick reference:

1. Where are you right now?: The very first step is taking stock of where you are right now in your chosen area of improvement. What are your current results in that area of your life and why do you feel the need to develop yourself and your abilities?

2. Where do you want to be?: The second step is clarity of where you want to be…clarity of purpose…what is it that you want to create / achieve / improve upon in your life and why? What is your motivation for change?

3. What are your core strengths?: What are your natural strengths, talents, skills, knowledge, habits that will aid you in achieving your desired end result?

4. What are your Improvement areas?: What additional knowledge, skills, self discipline, habits, newer relationships and resources will you need to develop in order to achieve your desired end result? Most importantly, are you REALLY willing to make the necessary changes in your life?



5. Evaluating your self-beliefs: What are your core beliefs towards the achievement of your desired end result? Do you really believe you can do this? If not, what are the negative beliefs that are blocking your way? Is there any truth in your negative limiting beliefs or are they just beliefs that you developed based on some past life experiences? What past life experiences developed these negative limiting beliefs in you? (Note: Once you have listed down the events that contributed to your negative beliefs, then you can use some personal development tool to overcome your limiting beliefs and move ahead more confidently)

6. Developing a long term vision that drives you forward: What is your overall vision in this area of your life? (Note: Your vision is the distant dream in the horizon that you have set out to achieve over a longer period of time…in all likelihood, this is the purpose to which you want to devote the rest of your life, constantly growing yourself along the way, living moment by moment and enjoying the journey)

7. Setting Short term and long term goals: Now you need to break down your bigger vision into smaller, achievable goals / milestones that will get you where you want to go, one step at a time. Try to create one year, five year and ten year goals, putting special emphasize on the one year goals. Having a vision will give you the drive and motivation to carry on but having the smaller goals is what will get you where you want to go. This is a very important step in a good personal development plan example.


8. Creating action steps: Having decided a particular goal that you intend to reach, you will need to think of the possible action steps you will take to achieve your goal. These action steps need NOT BE PERFECT, you can always tweak them, fine tune them as you move along. To give you an example of what I mean, lets say, you set yourself a goal to earn $3,00,000 in year 2012. You will then need to think of some action steps to meet your goal, such as, working 2 hours extra every day in the evening on your part-time business, getting up at 5 am every day to develop your business knowledge and skills, adding 10 new customers to your business every month, and so on and so forth. Take care to ensure that these action steps are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

9. Visualizations: Take some time off every day to sit quietly and visualize yourself having already achieved your goals. This will start programming your sub-conscious mind for better results and set the creative mental faculties in motion…”fake it till you make it” is how it works in the manifestation world. There are other personal development tools as well that can be employed but that is beyond the scope of our current overview of a simple personal development plan example.

10. Commitment and Taking Action: Having done the above steps in the right order, you will need to discipline yourself to show commitment and take action to meet your goals. They say, “Ideation without execution is nothing but delusion”. So do not delude yourself by simply dreaming and not taking action…take action when you are READY!!

11. Practicing the art of detachment: Finally, I must add something here that is purely experiential and learnt the “hard-way” through experience. Sometimes, we get too caught up with the idea of achieving every goal we set for ourselves, at the exact same time we want it to show up and in the exact manner we want it to manifest in our lives…but at times the universe has some other better plans for us and being too “controlling” will only lead to misery and frustration. So it helps to have an open mind and go about your life and achieving your goals with a sense of detachment to the end result…do not be too bound to the end result. What is important is to have fun along the way, do what needs to be done, stay committed and let whatever happens be ok. If you are happy and having fun, the end result will always be more fun and more happiness…and happiness is what we all are chasing in everything we do and undertake. So never ever compromise on your peace of mind and happiness, this is the key to an effortless success!!

Hope you liked this quick overview of a simple personal development plan. You can click on this link now to download an excel version of this personal development plan example that I have put in the format of a personal development plan template. Alternatively, if you are a “pdf fan”, you can download a pdf version of this template by clicking on this link.

Update 1/17/2014: I have put together a personal development toolkit for you – all FREE. This toolkit contains a personal empowerment ebook, checklist and worksheet, an emotional health boosting info graphic, a personal development planner info graphic and a free mp3 by my mentor Bob Proctor, “Purpose, Vision and Goals”. All of this is free! You can download the complete personal development toolkit below. Wishing you luck in your personal growth and development!

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