M1 – What Do You Really Want?

Personal Development Plan
Have you ever asked yourself, “What do you really want?”. Lets face it, most of us live our lives on an auto-pilot. We are born, we go to school, grow up and get a dregree, take up a 9-to-5 job, get married, raise kids and then one day it is time to say good bye. We are so busy being busy that we seldom stop to think and reflect on things that are truly important to us, things that make us happy, things that connect us with our true inner gifts and passions.

The end result is that some of us end up in careers/businesses that are not in alignment with our natural talents and personal genius. But still we all want to succeed. So we work hard, start getting stressed, our relationships fall apart, we do not truly feel motivated and inspired to play at our absolute best and be world class. And then one day most of us simply surrender to mediocrity. We simply blame our luck and external circumstances, never ever realizing for a moment that the seed of greatness lies deep within us all. And those who think, reflect and take time to seek the greatness in them are the ones who end up being the most happy and successful people on this planet.

After having learned from some of the most remarkable teachers and masters on this planet and reflecting closely on my own life, I strongly believe that we all have a purpose to fulfill on this planet. Everything that we do here has a meaning. If we pay close attention, we realize that even our so-called failures or mistakes in life are nothing but stepping stones to something bigger and better, provided we are ready to learn our lessons, keep a positive attitude, “let go” of the past and keep moving forward. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. – the most innovative and successful company on the planet today, calls this phenomena as “connecting the dots”…please click here to go to my blog so that you can watch a short video of Steve’s 2005 Stanford commencement address where he talks about connecting the dots in his own life.

It is only when our lives are fully aligned with our purpose, that we feel truly happy, fulfilled and successful. Our natural talents and abilities, our feelings, our likes and dis-likes and our life’s challenges are all those subtle indicators that direct us towards our life’s purpose. It is only when we move out of alignment with our purpose that we start feeling unhappy, stressed and unfulfilled. Everything starts seeming like an uphill task. It is almost as if you are trying to swim upstream in a river that is flowing downstream. Naturally you will encounter a greater resistance when you are trying to swim in the opposite direction to the natural flow of the river.

But then the question arises as to how does one create such a life that is in alignment with one’s true purpose and passions. Well…that is exactly what we are going to cover here in this module – “What do you really want?”.

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