M1.5 – Creating a Vision for Your Life

by Kamaljeet Saini

In the last two articles, we have used the emotional and analytical methods to seek clarity on what success means to us at an individual level. Here we will see how that information can help you in creating a vision for your life.

We first figured out what our core passions are, figured out our core strengths, core values and natural gifts and talents. We then used this information to figure out if there were a way for us to turn our core passions, core values and natural genius into a business / career / job profile that would help us live our true authentic selves. By doing so, we have begun our journey to living life inside-out, rather than outside-in. Click here if you intend to watch a small video on my blog where Simon Sinek gives a presentation at TED on how the most successful and inspirational leaders / businesses are the ones who build their lives around a cause, living inside-out…and how this cause (the “why”) then gives them the drive, the integrity and the power required to thrust forward with confidence, creativity and greatness that is not seen in most others.

Having said that, let us now use the personal clarity we had sought in the prior sections to create a vision for our lives / career / business, a vision that is inline with our authentic selves. So as before, sit down in a relaxed place where you can be with yourself and not be disturbed. You may listen to some soothing music to put you in a relaxed state of mind…when you are in a relaxed state of mind, the ideas flow more freely and your creativity is at its best. Now, read the questions below and try to come up with your own answers:

Q: If I were to pursue my dream life / career / business / job profile, what is it that I would like to achieve in my life time with regards to my career / business / life in general? In other words, how do I want to see myself (say) 20 years down the line? (please make this vision as big as possible because as Michelangelo once said, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” If you really think about it, most would agree that if you live your life simply by going from goal to goal, after a goal is reached, we tend to fall flat and wonder “what next?”…you hit a plateau. This is the reason it is much better to have a vision for life that is bigger and bolder and something that is beyond just “making more money”. It has to be something you would LOVE to achieve and work for.)
Q: Does the thought of being able to fulfill such a vision in my lifetime motivate / inspire me to better myself, develop and grow myself, little by little, for the rest of my life?
Q: How would I like to retire? How would I want to be remembered as after I am gone? Does that tie well with my vision? (some may find these questions to be too idealistic but here is the point…our minds are constantly drawn / attracted to the images we hold in our sub-conscious minds, both good or bad…if we let our minds go un-attended and without a focus, we are more attracted to negative thoughts than to the positive ones by dwelling on limiting emotions of self-doubt, worry, fear etc…at any given time, we are either improving or getting worse because life is always changing, nothing is static…so why not choose to constantly improve than get worse…and why not hold thoughts and images of the best case scenarios that life can possibly offer than having no dreams / visions or still worse, than having negative expectations at the sub-conscious levels of our minds.)
Q: Lets say I am not able to fulfill such a vision in my lifetime, but I am able to achieve smaller goals / milestones along the way, develop nurturing relationships, grow myself financially and spiritually, feel motivated and inspired each day to perform better and be my absolute best…would such a business / career / life be worth it? (If you feel a big “yes” to this question then you surely are on the right track)


Q: If I were to achieve such a vision, how many lives would it benefit on this planet? How will this help better the world to some degree or the other? Does this inspire me to go for my dreams? (talking in terms of making more money, please note that the amount of money one makes is usually in direct proportion to the number of lives that are benefitted with your service offering…this is the reason why people who are higher in the corporate ladder usually make more money and the businesses with larger customer base usually have bigger top line numbers)
Q: What are the social causes (outside my immediate business / career) that I would like support during my lifetime? Is there a way I could include these social causes also in my bigger vision for life?

Note: Also, this vision need not be only in terms of business / career…it could be as simple as being the best house-wife or the best mom to your kids…if the idea of offering the best to your family is what makes you feel immensely happy and successful, then create a vision of how you want to raise your kids, what values you intend to impart them, what kind of human beings you want them to turn into when they grow up, how you want your kids to treat you when they grow up…and then focus all your thoughts and expectations around this vision, constantly seeking to better yourself as a family person, learning better skills and techniques that make you more effective as “the best mom on planet”, growing more love in you to serve your family better and so on and so forth…In short, focus all your energies on how to better yourself everyday than dwell on negative thoughts and vibrations.

However, if you are seeking to make more money and be “more successful” in the conventional use of the term, again having such a clear vision and direction is the ideal way to go. This will not only give you more motivation, strength and direction but also help you be more healthier and caring about yourself…after all “how can you make more money and be successful if you are not healthy enough?”. Also, thanks to the internet and other technologies, this is the most ideal time in human history when you can create great lives that are in-line with your core passions and core God-given strengths and potential…I know many of you would say “Oh, this is such a dreadful time, with bad economy and all that”…but remember every coin has two sides, it all depends on what you want to see and focus your attention on. You can be anywhere on the planet, be it San Fransisco in US or Mathura in India, and still have a business that serves the world and is in-line with your core passions and strengths. The walls have come down my friend…we have slowly gone from villages to cities, cities to states, states to countries and now to a Global-Nation, you like it or not but this is the reality and it is good. You no longer need to travel to distant places to make a fortune, you can start right where you are planted. How? Well…think and grow yourself to see the possibilities that exist for you each day and you shall have your answers…read the stuff that is being posted on this site on a regular basis (it will broaden your perspective on things)…or hire a good coach who can show you how.

Well…that concludes this article on seeking clarity and building a vision for your life. In the next section we will get down to the process of actually breaking down your vision into smaller milestones and set / define goals that will help you achieve these milestones on a consistent basis. Thanks for reading my articles. I am truly grateful.

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