M1.4 – Define Success Analytically

In the last section, we had used the emotional method to define success for ourselves and seek clarity on what makes us truly happy. We had asked some basic questions to check-in with our emotions and go a little deeper within ourselves.

Having done that, let us now get a little analytical and practical here. Let us try to put it all together now and see if our emotional feedback makes any sense in the outside world…Let us figure out if there is a way to be successful in the outside world while still being able to follow our true passions, our true gifts, our true calling and our true love.

Once again, sit in a quite place where you can relax and be with your own self. Listen to some soothing music if that makes you feel relaxed. Then answer the below questions and see what comes up for you:

Q: Is there a business or career that can help me do what I love to do?
Q: Is there a group or role within my company that can help me fulfill my core passions and hobbies while being fully functional in my work place? (assuming you are in the corporate world)
Q: Is there a role or job profile that can leverage my core strengths and values (my core competencies)?

Q: Is there a demand for such a job / business / job profile that I am seeking? If not, can a demand be created for such a product / service? (It is important to remember here that just because a certain service / product is not yet available, does not in any way mean that it will never be required. If this were true, merely a search engine such as “Google” would not have transformed how businesses are being done world-wide today…or there would never have been any TVs, Radios or Airplanes…there was no demand for such products before they came into being…and they came into being because someone had followed their inner curiosity and intuition…these things did not come from a logical mind, they came from a creative mind and by following one’s inner wisdom and calling!!)
Q: What will be the learning or growing up required to get me into my dream role or business? (please note that we are not trying to come up with the whole “How-to” plan here that will get you from point A to point B, but just a higher level idea of what all you might have to learn / achieve in order to fully meet your objective)
Q: Am I willing to pay the price to get me what I truly want? Or am I willing to do the required hard-work to undergo the learning curve required? (if you have done the emotional exercises correctly, trust me, you will be more than than happy to undergo the whole learning process…you may find it all fun and feel a deep urge inside to “just go for it”) Note: Assuming you had used the emotional exercises to come up with a dream house or dream vacation, you will still need to figure out a roadmap to get you “from where you are right now to where you want to be”. They say, “Ideation without execution is nothing but delusion”. So even if you do want some fancy results in life, you will still need to do something to get you what you want, right? Winning a lottery might be a quicker solution but not everyone gets to win a lottery, period.
Q: Am I willing to change my ill habits, limiting beliefs and thinking patterns to get me what I want? (Long back, when I was down and under, I had told this to my wife, “My dreams are too big for my habits…my dreams will force me to undergo the personal transformation, change my habits and get me what I am looking for in life”. I was right!! We can do and be anything that our heart wants us to be…there is a hidden secret in this 🙂 )

And finally, a quick tip. As you are doing the above thinking, it may be worthwhile to find a good friend (or hire a good, honest coach) with whom you can share your thoughts / ideas and brainstorm. Many a times, we operate with our limited awareness and perspective on things and it always helps to have someone who can act as a sounding board to your ideas and offer you a genuine, honest feedback.

Phew!! We have done a lot of thinking, great job!!

In the next section, we will use this background to create a bigger vision for our life…a vision that is in-line with our core passions, core values, gifts and strengths…a vision that is based on a cause that is much greater than us…a vision that would push us to achieve bigger and better results in life while we are still completely healthy, wealthy, happy and fulfilled inside, day in and day out, for the rest of our lives…enjoying the journey and still being “successful” in the real world.

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