M1.3 – Define Success Emotionally

Let us first define success for ourselves using the emotional method…to figure out what you truly want to do / create in this world…what is it that makes you truly happy and fulfilled.

We will start by asking some basic questions that will make you go beyond your mind and get you in touch with your emotions. No wonder they say, “Questions are the answers!!”.

Sit in a quite place where you can relax and be with your own self. You may decide to listen to some nice relaxing music that would help you go deeper into your “alpha state” (a mental state associated with greater intelligence and learning – that can easily be accessed when you are deeply relaxed). Read each question that is provided below, close your eyes and let the correct answers just come to you. When you feel you have got in touch with the correct answer for a particular question, just go ahead and document it into a journal (try to maintain a good journal going forward as you proceed on this personal development journey, it will surely be a “worth it” experience in the coming days and years). How do you know which answer is correct…well, the one that feels right deep within your being…the one that makes you feel peaceful inside.

Having said that, lets get started and here are the questions:

Q: What activities do I love to do in my free time?
Q: What are/were my hobbies?
Q: What is it that I loved doing before, in the past, that I do not do now?

Q: Assuming I had all the money in the world and I could do and be anything I want to be, how would I want to spend my daily time? What are the activities, experiences I would want to have? What are the learnings I would want to have? How would I want to be remembered as after I am gone?
Q: What makes me get out of bed feeling excited and ready to go? What motivates me to perform better?
Q: What are my core values? (values are virtues that are truly important to you as an individual, things on which you would never want to compromise on, for example, how important is honesty to you, can you tolerate people who are dishonest and so on and so forth)
Q: What are my core strengths (your core strengths are your natural talents and gifts, things that come very naturally to you. These may also be some qualities that you may not have now but you feel strongly drawn to them and you would like to inculcate these into your personality in the coming days and years)
Q: Who are the people I admire? (famous personalities, people in your office space you feel drawn to, historic figures etc.)
Q: What are the qualities in these people that I admire? (usually we feel drawn to people and personalities who have some qualities in them that are either present in us to some degree or we would like to develop those qualities in us…so it is a good indicator to help you get some insight into your own self)
Q: How have you been able to use your core strengths and your core values so far in your life? If not much, then do you feel a little frustrated that you are somehow not on the right track in life? How do you think your ideal life would have looked like?

Having checked in with your emotions to figure out what makes you feel happy and fulfilled in life and having figured out your personal gifts, talents and core values, in the next section, we will try to evaluate this information analytically and come up with a plan to create a more effortless success…a plan that would not only make you more successful in the conventional use of the term, but also make you more happy and fulfilled.

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