M1.2 – Mind vs Heart

What is the best approach to creating an unstoppable world class success? Let us try to understand it here in mind vs heart article.

Often times we take decisions purely though our logical and analytical mind. We ignore our feelings to see if something is to our inner taste or not. We just look at the numbers to decide if something is profitable for us or not. We let ourselves to see/evaluate only those opportunities that are supposed to be “hot” as per the existing market dynamics. Our approach is very short term in nature and we lack a true vision for the future. This approach is fine as long as things are all good. But those who have taken this approach in life would agree that when things get really tough and difficult (which always do every once in a while) there is a lack of motivation and inner drive to carry on.

We start throwing in the towel. Even if we do carry on then it is definitely at the cost of our health, relationships, personal time etc.

Other times, some people end up taking important decisions purely through their emotions and ignore the logical reasoning or the facts and figures pertaining to their decision. Such an approach can also lead you in trouble if the timing of your decision is incorrect or if you have not done the required homework/preparation that is required for the activity to be undertaken.

Also, if our heart and mind are not in alignment and working for the same end result, we set up opposite forces in our being that prevent us from reaching our goals in the best possible manner. It is as if our mind is saying one thing and our heart the other. The mind says, “I have to get this done by so and so time…” but the heart says, “I am not enjoying this, I do not want to do this”. I am sure most ambitious people would have experienced this in their lives sometime or the other. It is almost as if two opposite forces are acting on us at the same time. Then we start feeling depressed, unhappy, loosing focus, losing motivation and ultimately ending up going nowhere in life.

Mind vs Heart

So you see using one’s sheer will-power and determination to succeed at something can only get you a little far in life. True internal drive, motivation, a never-say-die attitude and the ability to influence others can only come when one is fully committed to creating a success that is in-line with one’s true gifts, passions and calling. This is how all the greet leaders, artists and business icons of the past and the present have always operated. They all live their life from the inside out, rather than from the outside in…click here to watch a short video of Simon Sinek at TED, where he analyzes the theory behind our actions, why we do what we do. This is the secret recipe to being world class and playing to your absolute best.

But how does one know what one’s heart wants to do/create in the first place. Well…our heart speaks to us through feelings and through an inner voice called intuition. We all have been gifted with this intuitive faculty. But many of us over a period of time, become so number bound and purely analytical, that we stop listening to our intuitive faculty or inner wisdom. We simply lose touch with it and this is where we start taking incorrect decisions, feeling confused, feeling overwhelmed, playing to mediocrity and so on and so forth. But the good part is that this intuitive faculty can be developed over a period of time. There are tools and techniques to help one develop this immense faculty of ours.

In-fact listening to one’s intuition is one of the little known secrets of highly successful CEOs. Consider the below study as a proof of this:

Professor John Mihalasky, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology conducted experiments with company CEOs and observed that the CEOs who performed best in tests of intuition also tended to be the ones with the best success rates at running their business (measured in terms of 5 year profitability growth).

Prof. Mihalasky’s experiment results are summarized in the table below:

% Profitability Increase of the CEO’s company
over the last 5 years
CEO Intuition Test Score
Above Chance Chance Below Chance
Greater than 100% 81.5% 25% 27.3%
50% – 99% 18.5% 50% 18.2%
Below 50% 0% 25% 54.5%

Note that the CEOs with the greatest profitability increases (100% or more) also had the greatest number of correct “guesses” in intuition tests. 81.5% of them performed above chance results. On the opposite end, of the CEOs with the poorest results, none scored above chance in the intuition test. Of CEOs with mediocre numbers the results were consistent with statistical chance results.

I am sure if you do a Google on intuition and business, you should be able to see many more such findings and observations.

So what is the best way to define success for a truly happy, fulfilled and abundant life? I think when it comes to mind vs heart, it is always the heart that wins. So the most successful people are the ones who let their heart show them the direction as to which way to go in life and then use the mind to evaluate the external information/facts/statistics to develop a plan to reach the destination they intend to reach. This is the foolproof method to a truly abundant and world-class success.

Use the next article to get clarity on what your heart truly wants you to be or create in this world. Thereafter use the next analytical method to evaluate if the information coming from within is making sense in the outer world…do you really have it in you to make it happen.

Concluding Thoughts: It is important to note here that today, thanks to the internet, it is possible to create a world class business from anywhere on the planet. What is needed though is to truly figure out your inner genius niche so that you can come up with the most profoundly creative ideas that can benefit a larger section of the world population. The more the number of people who get benefited with your idea, the more is the money that you can make. Think about that for a moment!! So you see it helps to be nice and helpful to others in this internet age. The more the number of people you help with your creative service offerings, the more is the amount of money you make, period. And you can be a creative genius only and only if you are well connected with your heart, your intuition and your inner wisdom.

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