M1.1 – What Success Means to You

Often times, we get really busy being busy and hardly stop to reflect on the path our lives are taking. It is only after years that some of us wake up to realize that we are heading in the wrong direction in life, where we do not feel motivated and/or inspired enough to be our level best. We are not very effective any more. We have lost our edge. The results start declining and everything starts seeming like an uphill task. What is the point of climbing all the peaks and then realizing one day that all the peaks we have climbed were not the ones we intended to climb in the first place.

it is important to understand here that since we all are different in certain subtle ways, our life expectations are different, our dreams are different and our natural talents and gifts are different. So there can never be one success definition that fits us all. Someone would want to climb the corporate ladders and call it a success. Someone else might want to create something unique by being a creative entrepreneur and would call it a success. Yet for someone else, simply being able to travel the world in some capacity or the other would mean a correct success definition.

For the time being, I would just say that your perfect success definition needs to be based on what is truly important to you as an individual, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what inspires you to act, what you love to do, what you intend to create in this world, how do you want to be remembered as after you are gone from this world and so on and so forth. This is the only way one can truly unleash one’s God-given potential and greatness and simply become unstoppable.

Start by asking the right questions to yourself and be absolutely honest with the answers. Seek clarity, for clarity precedes mastery and mastery precedes real success. Super clarity is the first step to a world-class success and developing a laser-beam focus is the second.

The same above success principles can be applied to increasing your profits in any business by identifying and targeting the right customers/audience for your business and providing them immense value. This is the starting point how individuals become great and businesses become world class.

I would like to conclude this article with a great success definition provided by Earl Nightingale. He said, “Success is the the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. Think about that. Spend some time wondering as to what is that worthy ideal that you want to progressively realize in your life time? What is that great idea, vision or dream that you have tucked away in the corner of your heart simply because you lack the courage, determination and support to make it happen? Stay with me on this site and we will try to do this together.

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