12 Signs of Inspired Leadership – II

Posted by Kamaljeet Saini

Here is part 2 of 12 signs of inspired leadership…part 1 can be accessed here: 12 Signs of An Inspired Leadership

13. They believe in empowering their team members and giving them the freedom to unleash their own talents and creativity.

14. They have the ability to believe in the fulfillment of their vision, even if others don’t.

15. They have no real need for external appreciations and approvals to get them going. Their strength comes from a source within them…a source that is available to all but not too many have the “discipline” and “a burning desire” to connect with this source of infinite energy and power.

16. They all understand that the quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.

17. They consistently seek ways to create a “win-win” proposition for all because they do understand that their win is heavily dependent on the win of their teams…either we all win or we all lose!!

18. They have gradually moved from “I” to “You” to “We”.

19. Inspired leaders shower “praises” on super-performers in their teams so that they feel loved, wanted and inspired to outperform their own achievements. And they offer “honest feedbacks”, motivation and support to under-performers in their teams so that they can get their act together and raise the bar of their own performance.

20. Inspired leaders operate under the premise that we all have an infinite potential within us to do and be anything we truly desire. What most lack is a sense of clarity, discipline and drive to be what they were meant to be, so if you support and encourage people to do their absolute best, anyone and everyone can do wonders.

21. Inspired leaders have this built into their DNA that “value creation” is the surest way to consistent success and growth. Those businesses that do not add value to their customers, employees and stake holders must make way to “doom” in the coming days. Those employees who do not add value to their employers must make way to stagnation and lack of opportunities to grow.

22. Inspired leaders focus all their energies to what they “do want” and hardly spend a thought to what they “do not want”. They do understand that their thoughts are constantly creating their reality – both good or bad, whether they realize it or not.

23. They all invest some of their time on “health activities” because they know that health is wealth…and if they do not have time now to spend on their health and fitness then they will soon need to make some time for sickness.

24. They all are super optimistic people with an uncanny ability to bounce back from any calamity. They seek “learning and opportunity” in failures and are always happy in the “now”, no matter what life throws at them.

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