4 Myths About Time Management

Posted by Kamaljeet Saini

The term time management is used so often in our daily lives that it has almost become a part of our daily vocabulary. However, how many times do we ever stop to think what time management is all about, what does it really mean to us. I have tried to reflect on 4 common myths about time management here in this article.

1. The word time management is incorrect. No one has ever been able to manage time. The only thing(s) you can manage are your activities, based on the correct prioritization…and you can only prioritize correctly when you are super clear on what really matters to you and what does not, what is important and what is not. Think about that for a minute!!

2. Multi-tasking is a wrong concept. No one can truly multi-task, it is just not possible for our brains to truly multi-task, we always switch between tasks (and not perform multiple tasks at the same time as what most believe to be true). This is what research says, “…the human brain can only perform one task at a time”. You may refer wikipedia to be sure, I just did that to be sure my understanding was correct before penning this down…here is the link for this, Human Multitasking. Having said this, the best way to go about is focus on one task at a time, get through it and then move onto the other one if you really want best results and quality output. Too many people try to do too many things at the same time and never ever get good at anything.

3. The term “Procrastination” does not reflect the correct picture. What this term simply means is that whatever you are trying to do and work on does not interest you anymore and you are unclear of what you truly want to do…Time to move on and do something bigger and better…When you are doing things you love to do, you never procrastinate, you simply feel an urge inside to go out there and do your best. So what is the way out…well, one way out is to figure out your core competencies and outsource the not-so-loving-and-not-so-important stuff to someone who would love to do it. There is always someone “out there” who would love to do what you do not. This is how truly successful and productive men and women operate, that is, focussing on what they love to do and finding the right person to take on other stuff!!

4. The statement, “I have too little time as I am too busy” conveys one or more of the following personality traits: i. The person is unclear on his / her priorities. ii. He / She is experiencing a lack of focus. iii. The person is lacking courage to stand up and say, “I am having too much on my plate and I need to offload some of this stuff to someone else, please help”. iv The person is caught up in a vicious cycle of trying to prove something to himself or someone else.

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