How Fear Holds Us Back

Posted by Kamaljeet Saini

Ever wondered, how fear holds us back from achieving the results we want? Most of us operate our lives living in some form of fear or the other, whether you realize this or not is a different issue.

Some are fearful of failure and hence they hardly take any risks or try something different, others are fearful of being judged by people and hence they rarely do things that can make others criticize them in anyway, still others are fearful of loosing what they have and in the process never make more of what they do want to have. Then there are others who claim that they are fearless but they rarely go beyond their comfort zones to fulfill their dreams.

In fact I would go to the extent of saying that the number 2 reason why people do not live lives in-line with their heart’s desires are because of some form of fear or the other. The number 1 reason is lack of clarity, which is a different issue and has been addressed elsewhere on this site. Also I am not claiming that I am fearless, definitely not…but I work on my fears everyday ‘cos I understand that it is fear that holds us back from being who we really want to be and live life full-out 🙂 But please note that I am not talking of being fearless in the context of being foolish and doing things without proper thinking and consideration…please use your common sense.

Let me ask you a quick question, “How many times do you ever think of doing something that is really important to you, getting excited about it and then you hold yourself back?”. Have you ever wondered as to why do you hold yourself back and not go full-out for your dreams…if you did a proper introspection you would agree with me that in all likelihood it was some form of fear or the other that held you back from moving ahead confidently in the direction of your dreams. I know some of you would say dreams never come true, it is simply a wishful thinking and so on and so forth…but let me assure you that this is far from truth, because if you study people who have ever done something big and wonderful with their lives, you would realize that they were all dreamers and visionaries at the very core of their being…and they were either too courageous or they had developed the courage to follow their dreams…and when that happens, “success” follows naturally.

Having said this, is there a scientific proof to how fear holds us back from being successful in a manner that we would like to be? Yes, there is. In the recent years, science has started focusing and understanding on the inner workings of the mind much more than before. Science has slowly started moving from “Gross matter specific” approach to “Subtle energy specific” approach.

Quantum physics today tells us (through experimental proofs) that we create in our lives whatever we give our focused attention to, both good or bad. Our universe is comprised of infinite possibilities but our life results are based on what we want to observe and focus our attention on…and our observation and focus in turn is decided largely by our sub-conscious beliefs and perceptions. In-fact one scientist named Dr Bruce Lipton has proven that our health is also not dependent on our DNA makeup but on our sub-conscious beliefs and perceptions…you may click on this link to view detailed videos of him at my blog, giving a presentation on his theory of how our perceptions affect our health. Alternatively, you may want to read the book that is listed on the right by Amit Goswami, Ph.D on how human consciousness creates the material world.

So coming back to our question on how fear holds us back? Well…when you are in fear of something going wrong, what you are doing inside your head is that you are constantly focusing on all the things that you “do not want” to have or create in your life…and guess what, that is exactly what you create in your life – things that you do not want…this is one of the reasons why fearful people get negative results in their lives, which makes them more fearful and then more poor results follow and they get into a vicious circle of continued failure and poor results.

So what is the way out…one way is to raise your self awareness levels and be consciously aware of what you are fearful of. Once you are aware of your underlying fears, simply “let go” of your fears and shift your focus on things you DO want to have or create in your life rather than focusing on things you DO NOT want to have or create. You may decide to take up some form of meditation to raise your awareness levels and make it a part of your daily routine (just like exercising your physical body, get into the habit of exercising your mental muscles too for better results). You will simply be amazed with the immense all-round benefits you will be able to get with a regular practice of meditation. The second way you can overcome your fear is by feeling the fear and doing what you want to do anyway 🙂 The third possibility is to take baby steps to overcome your fears, build on your confidence levels and then gradually go full-out for your dreams.

This radical shift in mindset will take some time, effort and motivation, but trust me, it will be worth it and very rewarding in the long run. So have fun, be good, focus on “success” and “let go” of your fears 🙂

And finally, if you have some spare time, please watch the below 2 videos to get a better idea of the concepts explained above. Hope you liked this article on how fear holds us back and gives us the opposite of what we want to have or create. Also, you can download a short free PDF, “25 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Confidence”, by simply entering your name and email address in the below form.


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