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In this section, I will be sharing some of the most effective personal development tools and techniques that are available to us today. But before I get into details of the individual tools and techniques available, let me first offer you a quick snapshot of the various methods.


The first personal development tool I would like to mention here is Meditation. I have been a daily meditation practitioner for years now and can say this with least hesitation that this is undoubtedly the best personal development tool that is available to us humans. This is the only tool that truly connects us to our source energy and helps us unleash our true potential. In today’s stressful world, CEOs and High-Flying Executives all over the world are using Meditation as a tool for Peak Performance. The stress busting effects of meditation have been widely researched, understood and documented. The deep meditative state brain wave patterns of Indian Yogis and Zen Masters have been studied and documented. These states of mind are called as the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta state brain wave patterns and are associated with different levels of brain functioning.

Also, it has been proven that regular meditation can increase the “whole brain functioning” of the mind by stimulating the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of our brain. This is a high performance mental state associated with greater intelligence and is usually found in scientists, top businessmen etc. Meditation also greatly enhances your Creativity and Intuition (again some aspects of our Intelligence that are associated with greater success and prosperity in different areas of our lives).

This list is almost endless and all of this is scientifically studied and established now. You can watch a video on the benefits of meditation by visiting the following page on my site.

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Expressing gratitude for what you have or for what you want to have is a great way to shift your focus from a state of lack to a state of abundance. Some studies have shown that expressing gratitude alone on a daily basis can raise your happiness levels by atleast 25%.

More detailed articles on gratitude will follow…


Affirmations may sound cheesy but they are a great personal development tool to change our sub-conscious paradigms. Affirmations work on the premise that repetition is the key to a lasting change. When used in the correct manner, affirmations can be highly effective in shifting one’s focus from negative to positive at any given time and create newer neural pathways in our sub-conscious mind.

More detailed articles on affirmations will follow…

The Healing Code:

The next personal development tool that I would like to mention here is a technique called as “The Healing Code”. This is a very basic technique developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. This technique is so basic in nature and so easy to do that many people would not even want to give it a try thinking that this cannot be effective. But the fact is that this little technique is causing almost miraculous healing and benefits to people all over the world. Even if you are perfectly healthy and happy, this little technique can be used as a normal personal development tool to grow yourself and be more effective.

This tool works on the premise that most of our health, relationship and success issues have emotional elements as their root causes. If we can sort out the underlying emotional issues from our past, we can regain our health, fix our relationships and achieve career/financial success. Today, it has been studied in various US Universities that 85-95% of all diseases are caused due stress. Now, if you carefully think about it, you would realize that stress is caused simply due to our perceptions, due to the way we react to various life situations. To understand this better, let us take an example. Let us say that 2 people are working on a project where work pressure is pretty high.

Of these 2 people, first person is quietly doing the required action steps needed to accomplish a particular task. His/her entire focus is on the activity to be performed, without getting into a worry mode as to what would happen if the task could not be completed on time. The other person, at the same time, is feeling the heat of the work pressure and is on the verge of breaking down. He/she is constantly worried and anxious about the end result. Naturally, this second person is stressed out whereas the first person is not. This clearly demonstrates that events do not have the power to be good or bad, less stressful or more stressful. It is our perceptions about our environment that make things seem good, bad or ugly. In-fact this whole perception thing has been very scientifically studied and demonstrated by Dr. Bruce Lipton. You can visit the following page on my site to see some great videos where Dr Bruce Lipton has explained this phenomena in a very clear and easy to understand manner.

I have personally achieved some great results using this technique. More detailed articles on the healing codes will follow…but in case you intend to learn this technique, you can purchase the healing codes book directly from Amazon by clicking here at this link.

The other widely used personal development tools that I will be discussing in this section include:

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

– Energy Clearing Tools and Techniques

– Visualization Techniques

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