Meditation Benefits

Here are some of the most common meditation benefits that are applicable for our modern age:

  • Enhanced Brain Functioning
    Meditation has been known to dramatically improve one’s learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity and one’s ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.
  • Enhanced Awareness Levels
    Meditation dramatically improves one’s personal awareness, that is, the ability to see how one’s thoughts and perceptions create one’s life conditions. When one gains such an enhanced ability over a period of time, one can start exercising control over one’s thoughts and perceptions, thereby being able to change one’s life results dramatically.
  • Peak Performance Sates of Mind
    Meditation has been observed to stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of our brain, thereby balancing our brain and helping us to maintain a cool and calm mind even under stressful situations. Such a state of mind is often called as the “whole brain functioning”.
  • Improved Physical Health
    Meditation has been studied to significantly lower one’s stress levels and reduce the production of harmful brain chemicals such as the Cortisol. Some meditation techniques have been studied to even reverse heart ailments and diseases.
  • Improved Emotional Health
    Meditation improves the emotional health of people by clearing old emotional issues and by taking the power out of strong negative emotional charges that one might have experienced in the past. These emotional charges usually keep people away from achieving their desired success levels in life.
  • Creation of Pleasure Chemicals in the Brain
    Meditation also increases the production of vital brain chemicals related to longevity, well being and quality of life. These brain chemicals also create very pleasurable states of mind during meditation.
  • Better Human Beings
    Meditation, on a spiritual level, makes us more humane and happy individuals.

I would like to share a small 8 minute video from Dr John Hagelin here. In this video, Dr John Hagelin presents the various scientifically studied benefits from the continuous practice of transcendental meditation technique developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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