Why we do what we do

Feb 22, 2011 by

Do you know what separates the truly successful and inspired leaders and businessmen from the rest of us? They know the why behind their actions, meaning they are not operating merely on auto-pilot but they have taken the time to understand their ownselves a little better than most of us do. They know why they do what they do…in other words, they operate at a level wherein they strongly believe in something and this belief then drives them for greater success and achievement in life. They do not go to work purely for monetary reasons, they do what they love and strongly believe in and money is then produced as a by-product of their efforts. Check out the below video for this.

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  1. Pooran Singh ThakurThe post is akin to truth or it would not be taken as venture to say that it is abutsloe truth. There are the people only to find enjoyment in reading good things without application of even a single word of that. Just like there are so called religious people who chant mantras even whole day without there being even a single change of ray in their life. I am also a person who usually read books, topics and hear discourses on the subject of self development, sprituality and divine knowlege but have not yet acted in accordance with the teachings. It is abutsloely true that each and everybody who has a sense of understanding can rise then and there subject to his committment and determination to go upward otherwise the downfall is available for everybody.

  2. Thanks for helping out, excellent information.